CMTA Launches RMT/ACT to Fight for Tax Exemption

Now that massage therapy is regulated in five provinces, most recently Prince Edward Island, massage therapy now meets the criteria to seek tax exemption. Historically, health care services rendered by registered health practitioners specified in a schedule of the federal Excise Tax Act are non-taxable health services. We want to be on that list with our health care colleagues. For this to happen, we need to make a formal request for tax exemption to the federal government. This can only be successful if we demonstrate the support from RMTs across Canada. RMT/ACT will help us do that.

RMT/ACT was designed to raise awareness about the important role that massage therapists play in health care and generate support for tax exemption of massage therapists. With the strength of our RMT community behind us, we can make tax exemption a reality. We will use to provide any information and updates about tax exemption for Registered Massage Therapists. We will also be using this website to engage other health professionals and patients in our fight.

Help us spread the word. Visit and sign up for updates, share the facts with your network and tell us your RMT story.

Massage therapy is health care, not a luxury. We’re fighting for fairness and fighting #RMTaxation. Visit to show your support.

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