Membership in the NBMA-AMNB is limited to massage therapists who maintain good standing with the regulatory College of Massage Therapists of New Brunswick (CMTNB), to students enrolled in an accepted school of massage therapy and to graduates of an accepted school of massage therapy who have qualified for the professional examinations of the regulatory college, CMTNB.

Membership Fees 2023-2024

Membership Fees 2023 – 2024

As a new graduate of Massage Therapy NBMA-AMNB is here to help you understand options available to your new career.
Liability insurance at discounted rates,
Membership in the Canadian Massage Therapy Alliance,
Requirements for continuing education,
Dispute resolution mechanism to respond to complaints from the public,
Regular general meetings to allow for dynamic involvement from the membership,
Student membership at reduced rates
Membership fee of $195.00
$5 Million professional liability insurance of $112.00
Enjoy member access to many great features that the NBMA-AMNB offers:
Course listings,
Employment opportunities,
Form downloads, Business listings
and much more.
Continue as a member of the NBMA-AMNB but are temporarily or permanently discontinued practicing the profession of massage therapy.
1 Year to Maximum of 35 months
Maximum length of inactive period is 35 months.